Specific States may require different types of documentation for the sale of your Junk Car. If you are not certain what is required in your state, either call us to find out the state requirements, or click on the menu of states below to find out information on for your local Department Of Motor Vehicles.

In most instances all that is required to sell you Junk Car to USA Junk Car Removal is simply one of the following documents;

A)     Title- Evidence Of ownership

B)      Bills Of Sale

A)     Title- Evidence Of ownership for your junk car:

In some instances, the vehicle may not have been transferred or registered in the applicant’s name. If this is the case, the applicant must present the documents needed to record the applicant as the vehicle owner. This could be one of the following:

  • The Certificate of Title properly endorsed for transfer.
  • Lien sale documents properly executed for registration of the vehicle.
  • A Salvage Certificate properly endorsed for transfer.
  • Bonded Title

B)      Bills Of Sale

For more information on the exact documents required to sell your junk car in the city in which you live in, choose your state below.